GritED Ltd works with a wide range of clients and organisations who use transformative coaching to find their own unique way of responding to the challenges of life and work.

Some find themselves at a transition point, a cross-roads, others want to regain their focus, set and achieve an inspiring goal, enhance their creative potential, develop new and/or enhance existing relationships by embracing diversity.

Our Partners

GritED Ltd works with Inspiring Changemakers on a variety of programmes, incl. leadership development.

We also work in partnership with Radiant and Brighter to support diversity and a greater understanding of what cultural diversity means for our society.


I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed and valued the coaching sessions that we have had so far. From the very first session I have witnessed the power of pure coaching. It has been great to explore in real depth the thoughts I am having about business and everyday life.

At McAllisters we take great interest in getting behind the figures and it has been equally interesting to see how you get behind the person through your skills. Through the deep self-examination that your pure questioning approach promotes, I am able to identify the actions that I need to take to make progress in my steps towards my business and personal goals.

I have worked with a number of business coaches, but I have never experienced before the level of deep analysis that your coaching promotes. With this in mind I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your services to other friends and business contacts.

Kenneth A McAllister, Partner, McAllisters Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

Karla has given me coaching, now, for a number of months. Following this, I feel the need to give her a glowing testimonial.

Karla’s style is very engaging whilst also giving you room to reflect on what is best for you, your business and your family.

I’s recommend Karla to anyone who wants help to think more clearly about their challenges.

Campbell Ure, The Alternative Board, Glasgow North

Karla has been coaching me since December 2016. I have found her to be thoughtful, reflective and incisive in her approach. She has been challenging and also incredibly supportive in helping me to not only identify an inspiring goal but also keeping me focused along the path towards realising it. It was so helpful to have identified a stretching goal and I have found myself really looking forward to our sessions and without doubt they have been thought provoking and incredibly beneficial. I have no hesitation in recommending Karla as a coach.

Margaret Allen, Director, MEA consulting


Image by Sheila MacNeill

My most important learning point was the realisation that only I was the most important to person to talk about me and give me confidence to meet my aspirations and dreams and make them a reality.

The overall coaching experience was incredibly positive. I have to admit I didn’t really quite know what to expect but the whole experience has been incredibly invigorating, affirming, at times challenging, honest and fun.

I would definitely recommend Karla as a coach. I think her three top qualities are: Empathy – Karla always made me, and the whole process welcoming and inclusive to my sensibilities; Sense making – Karla has a knack of joining the dots and picking up on the key issues that need to be explored more; Stimulating – Karla directed all our sessions into really stimulating conversations which always left me feeling uplifted after each session.

Sheila MacNeill, Artist

Over the last six months, I have identified and become the person I want to be. I learned that I have the power to change. The overall coaching experience was very emotional, and ultimately incredibly rewarding. I am so pleased with how far I have come, in such a short space of time. I would recommend Karla as a coach. She asks insightful and challenging questions, provides guidance and encouragement and makes you feel like you can describe anything.

Katie, Arts Administrator

I had so many learning points during my coaching experience, but the most important was in regards to confidence and self-belief. Coaching helped me get to the root of some self-belief issues and helped me move forward and make a difference in my life. The overall coaching experience was fantastic – often challenging, often emotional and always productive, useful and worthwhile. Karla is an absolutely fantastic coach. She listens intently; demonstrates patience and empathy; and asks questions which challenge your thinking and help you focus.

CB Glasgow, Research Administrator

I wanted to personally thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and life changing coaching session. I felt that your pragmatic and insightful approach allowed me to relax and be open and honest with my answers. Equally, I felt that you masterly combined wisdom, compassion and tenacity with your proven coaching skills and techniques to ensure I made the best of my hour-long session.

Coaching is a game-changer; you have helped me realise that I already had the skills I needed, but I just needed to learn how to use them. I feel I can now see life in 20:20 vision. With this in mind, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you and your services to others and wish you well in the future.

Susan Ritchie, Insurance Broker, Greenwood Insurances

The most important thing I learned through the coaching experience was that I have it in myself to overcome my own issues and come up with practical solutions so that I can move forward. Although without Karla, I wouldn’t have learned that!

Karla is extremely professional and has a lovely personality, keen listening and observational skills and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending her as a coach.

Colette, Health and Safety Advisor

Reflecting on the coaching process I realise that the goals I started with grew and altered significantly through the sessions and what I finished with was a much more focussed, meaningful and personal list of priorities.  The coaching process took some vague ideas and distilled them into overall goals with a roadmap of how to achieve them.  The process is reflective and I often refer back to the notes I took from each session – usually just bullet points but still helpful.  Karla is friendly and calm and I felt able to be honest throughout knowing it was completely confidential.  One of the most important things I took away from our sessions is the importance of progress as a measure of success and to recognize and quieten the negative thoughts that often came up for me.

Heather M., Librarian

My most important learning point was how important it is to take breaks, whether this is physically (i.e. at the gym) or mentally (i.e. studying). It is important to recharge. I learnt to better recognise when I need a break by looking out for signals my body gives me, usually fatigue or fidgeting. I felt I learnt a lot about my character on the coaching journey, such as how much I enjoy working as part of a team and challenging myself.

I learnt a lot from the coaching experience. It was more independent than I thought it was going to be. I liked it because there were times I had to think really hard to come up with answers to Karla’s questions. When setting short term goals I wasn’t told what to do but I was guided through a series of questions and then lay out the stepping stones myself, this way it was more ingrained in my mind and I felt proud of what I had achieved after each session.

Karla’s top strengths as a coach: She asked questions which really challenged me and there were times I had to think hard about the answers and really dig deep. She structured the coaching journey very well by starting with the areas I wanted to focus on the most and then giving me enough time to focus on each one, I never felt overwhelmed with my short term goals like I have in the past where I would try take on too much at once. Karla also reminded me at my sessions to keep visualising my long term goal and to keep repeating my quote about how I was going to achieve this which was very effective.

Baraat Boutaleb, Marine Biology Student

My most important learning point was that remaining focused can be a constant. What you focus on may change however.
The overall coaching experience was inspiring. I found it beneficial to clarify and identify what I thought, why I thought like that, and importantly how I wanted to move forward with this knowledge.
Karla’s top three strengths as a coach are: Quietly confident. Direct but unassuming. Is not only a highly skilled active listener, but an engaging listener!

Sonya Campbell, Head of Customer Service

My most important learning point is that coaching is the start of a process of learning and exploration about myself. The overall coaching experience was very good and extremely helpful. I feel much more confident and positive for the future. It was challenging and engaging.

I would recommend Karla as a coach because she is an extremely good listener and has the ability to pinpoint and get to the crux of the situation and help you see them. She is focused on you as an individual in each session.

SJ, Glasgow